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a photo feature by Michelangelo Sicilia
a photo feature by Venelin Golev
a photo feature by Grzegorz Zięcina
an event report by Hussein El Kaissy
a photo feature by Andrew Prentis
a photo feature by Mark Wells
a photo feature by James O'Leary
contest news by Keith Forsyth
a photo feature by Paul Hargett
a photo feature by Byeol Han
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ZSU 23-4
Photos by Darren Baker

Football Club Leopard 2A6
Photos by Hans-Hermann Buehling

M-ATV Rollover Simulator
Photos by Robert Skipper

M3 Ambulance
Photos by Delbert Davis

Photos by kenneth oestergaard

1928 MAN Tram
Photos by Hans-Hermann Bühling

Indonesian M3A1 Stuart
Photos by Ricky Garry Gurnita

Five of Hearts FT 17
Photos by Brian Stevenson

Lights, Camera Action
Photos by Darren Baker

T-55 at Legion Week
Photos by Rob Tittle

Tiger I photobook
Review by Roman

Steel Masters - Le Theme #26
Review by Jim Starkweather

Hobbyworld #168
Review by Jim Starkweather

sFH 18 15cm howitzer, Pt. 2
Review by Jim Starkweather

Panzer Aces No. 46
Review by Jim Starkweather

The D7 Tractor
Review by Jim Starkweather

The Big Macks
Review by Jim Starkweather

Rochev and Doher – M109A1/A2
Review by Todd Michalak

AMX-30 Char de Bataille
Review by Jim Starkweather

M2A3 Bradley
Review by Darren Baker

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