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a photo feature by Frederick Boucher
a photo feature by Tom Cromwell
a build story by Kevin Brant
a photo feature by Brett Avants
a photo feature by Federico Scassa
a photo feature by Gábor Bélik
a photo feature by Mark Wells
a photo feature by Byeol Han
a photo feature by Ian Barraclough
a build story by Gabriel Szeitz
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Photos by Darren Baker

M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer M8
Photos by Randy Harvey

Photos by Darren Baker

88mm Pak 43/41
Photos by Darren Baker

Photos by Darren Baker

M792 Gama Goat
Photos by Brent Sauer

German 3.7cm Flak 43
Photos by Darren Baker

ZSU 23-4
Photos by Darren Baker

Football Club Leopard 2A6
Photos by Hans-Hermann Buehling

M-ATV Rollover Simulator
Photos by Robert Skipper

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