Here we take a look at Worn Art Collection 4 from AK.


This offering from AK Interactive is the fourth book in the series, that helps modellers of all abilities to learn how to use, and how to get the most from the AK product range in step by step processes. This release is a soft backed book, with a double glossy card cover. The information within is provided over 204 pages, with the book printed in portrait style and what I believe is a little over A4 in size. This title concentrates heavily on the application of camouflage on to various subjects that may appeal to the modeller. 

The contents of this publication are as follows:

Artillery Camo by Rick Lawler

Fake Camo by Abilio Pineiro Grajera

Dessert Camo by Michal Dostal

USMC Camo by Roberto Del Cima

Disc Camo by Fabrizio Mercuri

Malta Camo by Fabrizio Mercuri

Double Camo by Kreangkrai Paojinda

Dazzle Camo by Wan-Hui Lee

Submarine Camo by Karol Kanwerski

Berlin Camo by Rick Lawler

Meroc Camo by Kristof Pulinckx

Quad Camo by Rene van der Hart

Chipped Camo by Fabrizio Mercuri

Aggressor Camo by Christoff Theunissen

Kuster Camo by Pablo Camicer Perez

While the modeller understands the basics of camouflage, the application of it to a subject is not as simple as taking colours X,Y and Z and slapping them on willy nilly. This title from AK will help the modeller discern the spread of camouflage on a subject, including solid items such as armour and the more fluid in the form of clothing. The results achieved here are as you would expect - stunning. Which while many of us would love to replicate to the same quality, what this book endeavours to do is in step by step method, guide your hand in the use of AK products and for that matter general products used by the modeller to improve and refine your technique in order to get the finish that every modeller seeks. 

I have read through a number of the procedures, and I will be honest mostly covering track finishing techniques and I now feel my ability to give tracks the realistic finish has been potentially greatly improved. If not in practice, but in understanding of the methodology. So far as I can see, that is also across the full gambit of the contents of the title in which your understanding will improve when it comes to the application of an effect, which while you are unlikely to get right from the start you are pointed in the right direction. The pictures and text in the book, enables you to see and read a method for getting it right. 


This release from AK is a good title for those struggling with the application of camouflage across the gambit of models. Everything from uniform to ships are featured here, and it also includes making the camouflage ‘Pop’, by showing you some of the techniques to make detail stand out. There is not really any area of this title that I can critique as the English text is easily read and understood, and the photography is first rate



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