A review of Tankraft 3D-printed tracks for the Tiger I

Trankraft reference PT-002 is a 3D-printed set of tracks for the Tiger I usually known as "Late", i.e. tanks produced between October, 1943 and August, 1944. The tracks  can also be used for the Sturmtiger.

These tracks were not handed, that is, the same track was used on both sides of the tank so one was reversed.

The set comes in a rigid, strong cardboard box with opening top, measuring 17x11cm. On top has a label with the details of the product.

Inside, the parts are protected by two layers of foam, on top and below. Additionally, the size of the box is large enough to contain the parts without being tight-packed so in general the package should guarantee a good protection during transport.

On the inner lid there is another large label with the instructions, which are quite simple. All the information required is there, and it is easy to follow.

The parts come in ziplock bags clearly marked. In this case, there are four:

  • Two bags with the track links marked R/L, as there is only one type.
  • One bag of pins marked OS (OutSide), for the exterior of the track
  • One bag of pins marked HS (Hull Side), for the interior of the track

There are 220 track links and pins of each type. Considering that each track requires 96 links, there is a good amount of spares that can be used as such on the tank, or to replace any damaged one while building 

Parts are delivered completely clean and ready to use, they are not attached to any tree nor have rests of them. At least for the track links I used, there is no need either to be drilled for the pins.

Printing quality is excellent, with crisp detail and no banding in any place or deformations. Resin used is of a medium grey color, and it is hard and rigid but not brittle.

Assembly is quite easy, just align the track links and insert one pin of each type on the correct side. Pins enter smoothly but tight and there is no need to pre-drill the hole. Once in place it is good to push with a toothpick, as per instructions, to ensure the tiny ribs on each pin secure it in place.

The process is straightforward and quick, I estimate they can be finished in less than two hours -which is not bad considering there are 192 track links and they will be workable. Using a tool to keep the links in place while inserting the pins will reduce the time even more, but it is not essential.

Note that as the tracks are not handed, the pins should be inserted from opposite sides on each track to keep the correct one at the hull side.

During my test the pins did not fall, but for a stronger joint the instructions advise to put a small drop of CA at the end. If correctly done, it does not affect the mobility of the track, which remains fully workable.

These resin tracks have a similar weight to plastic, so they will not overload the suspension like metal ones do.


This set of tracks for one of the iconic WWII tanks  provides clean, ready-to-assemble parts of an excellent quality, plus they are very easy and quick to build and you get plenty of spares.

The result is a fully workable track, which will sag naturally without adding much weight to the model. An absolutely recommendable product.  



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