This book adds to the established narrative and clears up a myth around Michael WITTMANN.

Hard back book of 88 pages, contains maps, images - some new, some well known, organizational tables, and a lot of text breaking down the battle almost to the minute, an example being page 76, The Allied withdrawal 1700 - 2030hrs. 

From a modelling perspective, there are multiple images of the same subject, demonstrating the extent of research into the book, the images are all clear and well captioned, and support the narrative, which is precise and flows well.  I particularly liked the map cross referenced with images along the road across two pages, and all the images of SS Tigers.

Very recommended whether you know the battle or not, from a modelling perspective, or just plain interest in a well written, well-structured book, I'll let the images say the rest:

My fave, a Universal carrier with 50cal...

My fave, a Universal carrier with 50cal...



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