A review of the new and improved edition of Panzer Tracts vol. 12-1 covering the Flakpanzer IV

Volume 12-1 of Panzer Tracts is another of those that have been reissued since Panzerwrecks took them over. In this case and as with 10-1, not only has the format been updated but pages, photos and new information have been added. 

This book by Hillary Louis Doyle and Thomas L. Jentz deals with German tank-based anti-aircraft vehicles (half-tracks and trucks are not included). It is printed in A4 portrait format, on glossy paper and features eighty-two pages full of text and photos from the very inside front cover. 

As in all books from Panzer Tracts series, it is important to note that all their information is based on original documents and direct measurements of preserved vehicles or parts, thus making it a highly reliable reference. 

With respect to the original volume, it is now a bound book and not stapled, in glossy paper, and the design has been significantly improved, with a more readable font, clearer sections, better formatted tables and especially the photos are now much clearer.

 In this case there are also new photos, some have been replaced and others have been resized. In total the new book has 12 more pages. 

Only vehicles of which at least one unit was built are included in this volume, and they are:

  • 2cm Flakvierling auf Fahrgestell Pz.Kpfw.IV
  • Möbelwagen
  • Wirbelwind
  • Ostwind
  • Kugelblitz
  • Flakpanzer III
  • Panzerkampfwagen 38 for 2cm Flak 38
  • Versuchsflakwagen

For each of them is explained their development, production and operational destination when known. There is also a page-size table with the characteristics for each one. 

 In general, very few of these vehicles were manufactured, so it is not usual to find information or photos. Therefore, the availability of reliable plans and clear photos such as the ones included in this book is of great value. In addition, the book is a very balanced set between rare vehicles of which only one prototype was made -such as the Flakvierling auf Fahrgestell Pz.Kpfw.IV or the Versuchsflakwagen- and others more known as the Möbelwagen or Ostwind. 

As for the drawings, they are one of the greatest assets of the book thanks to their careful elaboration and attention to detail. In this case there are 14 pages with 1:35 scale representations of most of the vehicles covered in the text. For all of them the five traditional views are included except for the Flak Panzer III, which has only a side view.

The photos, as usual in the Panzer Tracts series, are of exceptional quality. Most of them are in factory with careful lighting and conditions, so they are extremely clear and sharp, offering a multitude of details.  They are printed at half a page or larger without any quality loss.


The Panzer Tracts books have long been considered excellent references for any of the subjects they cover and this 12-1 of Flakpanzer IV confirms it.  In addition, the new edition provides improved aesthetics and content, making it even more interesting. 

An unreservedly recommended work to learn more about the German Flakpanzer as well as to check and detail models.



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