A review of Minor workable tracks for the Japanese Type 92 Heavy Armoured Vehicle.

Minor Model has released a set of tracks for the Pit-Road 1/35 kit of Japanese Type 92 Heavy Armoured Vehicle (which in fact was more a light tank). Unlike other tracks from the brand, they are 3D printed but not pre-assembled. 

The set comes in a stiff cardboard box and include the tracks, wire for the pins, an assembly jig and instructions. The box is not padded, but the print has been made with all the elements together in the shape of a box, so they are well protected.

The print is of excellent quality with no visible banding or defects, and the detail is fine and delicate. The wire is 0.2mm and stiff, remaining straight -not the typical wire that bends easily.

The right and left tracks are different because the outer end is molded closed, therefore the pin does not completely go through but stops at the end. This allows a better looking pin head while using wire for the real pin.

There is  a jig to place the links, another jig to hold the first one and cut the wires, and 36 link plates, separated into right and left side and long and short (each plate has a number from 1 to 4). Because the links are so small, Minor has come up with a very ingenious way of assembling them with less effort. 

To assemble, the first step is to cut the pins using the jig provided. Although it is recommended to cut them to 4,80 millimetres, the shorter 4,30 millimetres size worked best for me. The plates are placed uncut in the jig as shown in the instructions, with the numbers facing up and in the correct positions.

It is advisable to adjust them well so that they are perfectly aligned and without force when closing with the upper part of the jig. This part has shafts of different thicknesses to ensure correct positioning.

Once closed, the supporting tree is cut with a sharp blade, and the second jig is fitted to prevent the jig from opening accidentally.

The pins fit quite loosely and effortlessly. There were no problems with obstructed holes in the four test sections assembled. If a pin does not fit, check the alignment of the links because  no force should be required. They just stop when they reach the end, and should not protrude much, hence my recommendation to use 4,30 millimetres long.

Note that the pins remain loose, so despite the instructions do not indicate it, I think it is convenient to seal them with a drop of glue to prevent them from falling off.

Once the pins are in place,  cut off the top trees, again using a sharp blade, and remove the track from the jig . 

The process can then be repeated with the next set, and then with the other track

Joining lengths is as simple as placing two lengths in the jig, closing it and inserting the pin.

Once assembled, the track remains fully workable. Note the size of the links, the grid is 1x1cm


This is a nice set of tracks for the Japanese Type 92 Tank, with excellent detail and workable. The assembly system, although a little slow, is foolproof and works perfectly: the links are very small, slightly over half a centimetre long, so they are better manipulated in blocks with the help of the jig.

They can definitively improve the look of Pit-Road kit adding the desired track sag, or adapting it to a terrain.



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