Darren Baker takes a look at the A-34 ‘Comet’ Mk.1B by Vespid Models in 1/72nd scale.


This is the second Comet release in 1/72nd scale from Vespid Models. Anybody who has any doubts about how the Comet can look in this scale from Vespid Models, need only take a look at the review and build of the original release by Matthew Lenton.


This offering from Vespid Models arrives in a strong cardboard tray, with a separate card lid with the art work upon it. Inside there are three plastic bags, containing the plastic parts that make up the model. A zip lock bag contains a length of cable, and a turned brass barrel, and yet another zip lock bag contains photoetch, two decal sheets and a canvas cover for the turret main gun mount. An examination of the parts reveals no model moulding issues, with even mould seams being at the absolute minimum.

The lower hull of the model, has an exceptionally high level of moulded on detail. With additional side plates that hide the suspension detail and to which the wheels mount onto. Detail on all of the wheels including the drive sprocket, is particularly pleasing. What I particularly like about this release, is that there is no reason to slather mud substitutes over the wheels and sides of the vehicle, due to poor detail, as the detail provided is exceptional for this scale. The tracks provided for the model are link and length in nature, again with an exceptional level of detail.

The upper hull of the model has a very high degree of moulded on detail, that saves the modeller from needing to add a large amount of small details. The armoured plate in front of the driver and radio operator positions, is a separate part that has enabled Vespid to provide high level of detail and the option of having the front port open if so desired, but you will need to place something behind it to fill the void. The Besa machine gun is provided with good detail throughout, storage boxes, tools and engine bay covers have been provided separately, and offer a very good level of detail. One area on which you would likely struggle, are the photo etch parts that fit on top of the periscope housings, as they are extremely small. The minimal side skirts that the vehicle has, could be left off if so desired, and it was quite common to see these skirts missing. One thing that I would possibly consider replacing with wire are the light guards at the front of the vehicle, as it is impossible to mould these in a realistic scale.

The turret of the model is made of two main parts. The front plate on which the gun is mounted and the main body of the turret. You will not be surprised to hear that there is a high degree of moulded on detail, plus you have the option of the crew hatches being open or closed - if open you will need to place something in them to fill the void. The main barrel of the tank, has been provided in turned brass and is an inclusion that I particularly like. However, if for personal reasons you prefer plastic, a single piece barrel in plastic is included. The periscope mounts, again have a photo etched piece involved that will be a struggle due to the extremely small size. One complaint that Matthew Lenton had about the kit, was that Comets usually had a canvas cover over the gun mantlet which was not included, this release is provided with a canvas gun mantlet cover. However, no indication is included in the instruction manual - it does not even appear in the list of parts for the model, but it is however, a nice inclusion that solves a lot of issues for the modeller who requires this to be added.

Vespid Models has provided four finishing options for this model. Which cover a good period of the tanks service life:

’ Cambra’ 3rdRoyal Tank Regiment British Army, British Territory

‘Gynaeolator’ BritishArmy, British Territory

Finnish Army, ‘Ps 252-38’ Oulu (Northern Finland) Summer 1962

3rd Royal Tank Regiment, SetkongCamp, New Territory, Hong Kong 1957


This release from Vespid Models, is a very nice offering in 1/72nd scale, and is on a par with 1/35th scale. I am surprised that the inclusion of the canvas mantlet cover has not been included in the instructions or details of the release, as this is a particularly nice moulding to be included in the set. Details such as the turned brass barrel, is also a very nice inclusion. With all the bells and whistles one would expect from a high quality model offering, and that is exactly what you get with this release. If 1/72nd scale is your area of modelling, then this release from Vespid Models is in the A division.



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