The Polish army wanted a sturdy motorcycle with a sidecar, comfortable like a Harley-Davidson and with a great engine, like an Indian. The army’s requirements were concretized in May 1928.

Author: Adam Jońca

Single Vehicle No. 09 

Polish Heavy Military Motorcycle

P.Z.Inż. M 111 "Sokół 1000" motorcycle

This reference manual compiles informative text, color profiles, scale plans, and captioned Black/White historical and close up detail reference photographs. Data from the technical manuals are also included. 


Basic version

In The Service

Motorcycles armed with 7.9 mm heavy mgwz.30 Browning

Motorcycles armed with 7.9 mm heavy mgwz.28 Browning

Armed Motorcycles. Anti-tank mines

Motorcycles with radios

Trolley Motorcycles

Production and Development programme

Wydawnictwo STRATUS s.j.


ISBN: 9788367227476

28 pages

8 x 11.75 inches

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