New book of theme series for painting 1/35 scale World War II Figures.

11th book of MrBlack Publications Theme series is dedicated to 1/35 scale World War II subjects. 

84 pages in A4 format with a matt laminated cover.

The book includes 17 articles of different artists using enamels, oils and acrylics.

* Stalingrad - A Fight to the Last! How to build a Super Diorama

* Russian Razvedchiki with Waffen SS Tanker Prisoner of War 1944-45 - How Tamiya Enamels Were Used to Paint a WWII Vignette

* Ardennes Offensive - Creating an Eye-Catching Small Diorama in Winter Terrain Combining Commercial Kits, Figures and Materials

* WWII US Infantry Officer, Ardennes 1944 - Painting a US Army Uniform for a Winter Scenario

* The “Battle of the Bulge” - Ardennes 1944-1945 - How to Create a Realistic Vignette Using Commercial Figures and Products

* In Defence of the Reich - Creating an Impressive WWII German Kampfgruppe Vignette Using Commercial Figures and Accessories

* A Present for Hitler  - Painting African-American soldiers in 1/35 scale

* Italian Front 1943-1944 - Creating and Painting a Vignette Using Commercial Resin Figures and Base

* Sculpting a German Reversible Winter Parka in 1/35 scale - How to Sculpt a German Winter Jacket for a 1/35 Figure Using A+B Epoxy Putty

* British 8th Army in North Africa 1941-1943 - Building and Painting a WWII Vignette Using Commercial Figures

* Waffen SS AFV Crew 1944-45 No.1 - How to Paint a Black Panzer Uniform and Black Leather in Oil colours and Tamiya Enamels

* Oberleutnant of the 1st Fallschirmjäger Division - Painting a World War II Figure with Oils

* Waffen SS Grenadier - Painting a Waffen SS Grenadier in Winter Uniform and Placing Him
onto a Commercial Resin Base

* SS Panzer Crewman - Painting Black and White Clothing on 1/35 Figures in Acrylics

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