Darren Baker takes a look at a nice offering from Gecko Models to create a fuel dump in 1/35th scale, WW2 US 20l Jerry Can set.


This offering from Gecko Models arrives in an end opening carton, but inside of this is a sturdy flip top cardboard tray. Here you will find three Ziploc bags containing the parts for the models. An examination of the contents raises no concerns about what is provided.

You are provided with 6 sprues that each contain16 jerry cans in two batches. Each jerry can has a separate handle, spout and cap. They should look quite good when assembled and painted if a little regimental. I cannot complain about the contents as I can see them being of use in a number of ways, but I would have liked to see a couple of single ones thrown in with the set.


A great product to have for dipping in to in order to create a load for a lorry or an element in a diorama. This set makes the creation of a fuel dump a viable option for the modeller.



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