World War II Soviet soldiers getting ready to cross a river with their special suits.

Introduction :

B635150 Red Army Soldiers in MPK Swimming Suits is a 3-figure kit  in 1/35 scale and resin cast, sculpted and boxart painted by Vladimir Demchenko.

MPK Swimming Suit :

MPK - Improved River Crossing Equipment is a personal wading gear adopted by the Red Army in 1939 to cross the rivers or lakes. The suit consists of three parts ; 

1. Hydro trousers and integrated boots, all made of rubber material. Trousers have shoulder and waist straps and side straps to secure the floatie by rings on it. It has pocket-style flaps on ankles which work as push fins underwater when moved forward. MPK suit without floatie is also used by army engineers and soldiers building pontoons and bridges.

2. Ring shaped floatie ; It is not a full ring and has an open part for ease on wearing and leaving the floatie. A few floaties can be strapped together with their rings to carry heavy loads like ammo, machine guns, etc.

3. Two small paddles ; They have straps to carry on wrist.

Review :

Kit is served  in standard BRAVO*6 cardboard box with a photo of the painted figure in front cover. Each figure is inserted into seperate zip-lock bags and lumped together in a larger one.

It includes 3 figures;

A - Commander with Red Army visor cap carrying PPSh-41 submachine gun, 

B- Soldier with Pilotka sidecap holding Mosin-Nagant M1891/30 rifle

C - Soldier with a sidecap and DPM light machine gun.

All wear Gymnastiorka tunic/shirt with stand collar and shoulder boards under MPK suits,

Each figure comes in seperate body, head and two arms parts. Floaties are in two pieces.

Conclusion :

This is a Highly Recommended unique 3- figure kit sculpted in extra details and cast with no mistakes that can be used in WW II Soviet dioramas and vignettes.

Facial features and uniform details are very good, weapons are well defined and floaties are interesting.

Thanks to Vladimir Demchenko for the review sample.

For more info and photos of all products of the company ; please visit BRAVO*6 . 



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