Cold and miserable, a German soldier trudges across the Russian countryside trying desperately to get his comrade medical help. Retreating from the front, they pass a tank that just weeks ago (before the snow set in) had been hit and drove off the road into the pond. It's quiet now and all that can be heard is the crunching of jackboots on the freshly fallen snow.

When Hell Freezes Over

This is another diorama that was submitted as a featured on the old site. It was built in 2006 and was very well received when displayed at at DragonCon '06.

I used the old Tamiya Tiger I and a figure from Firestorm Models "Retreat from Stalingrad" release. The base was scratch built, main trees are wire armature with smaller ones made from twigs. The 'frozen' water in the pond/lake is paraffin (Paraffin Ice technique ). Snow is from Woodland Scenics. The injured soldier is a Hornet head with a rough body form under the tarp.

Some of the photos here are of the work in progress, photographed prior to final snow being added, paraffin ice being poured and figure placement.



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