A different and fantastic diorama book by Master modeler Jean Bernard Andre.

AK-interactive announced the second volume of  Master Modelers Series has as its protagonist a different modeler, who escapes the normal canons of modeling.

His style is unique and recognizable. 

“I eventually found out that I could empty my mind and express a lot of feelings in my dioramas and I started to literally pour my life into these”.    

Proud to say, Jean Bernard André  (jba) is an old Armorama member since the first years of the website. He has been an inspiration and motivation for  many of us with his unbelievable imagination and creativity and helped us a lot  with his informative forum posts. I saved and still keep his modellling rules which he wrote here in Armorama in 2006.

Here are my 10 rules for better dioramas! 

1 -The diorama is everything modelling is about, it's the meeting point of the manufactured object that is the model and the human input, you can –and have to- tell stories with dioramas. 

2 -When doing your diorama you should not be influenced by any trend or by any fellow modeller for you will only reproduce pale copies of originals. 

3 -You should instead be influenced by EVERYTHING; a trip in nature, archive footages, paintings, music… you should never consider this list to be closed. 

4 -If you don't have a good idea to start with, or know you won't have any, wait for one to come. 

5 - tuez pour l'ambiance. If nothing shines from your diorama, you miss your point and just picture an assortment of junk and people. 

6 -You should remember that a diorama is a 3D thing whose advantage is that you can turn it around and get different perspectives of the same scene. You will therefore make an effort to not close the view of any part of it. 

7 -You should remember that the nature surrounding a panzer is equally as important as the panzer. 

8 -You should buy a book about artistic composition which will help you avoid scattering the work in pointless details. 

9 -Whenever dealing with war you should treat it with conscience: you should remember it's a sad thing that destroys a man, even if he survives it. Avoid above all any temptation for historical revisionism -even slight. 

10 -You should try to do something you can be proud of and remember that a diorama may be seen as some piece of art if your input in it is strong enough.

Water,Light &The Works is in English, 216 pages with a semi hard cover. 

The book or digital copies for IOS and Android can be ordered at Ak-interactive .



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