W-SS Panzer Grenadier figures from Rado in 1/35 scale

Radek Pituch kindly informed us about the June 2022 releases of Rado Miniatures.

* RDM35048 W-SS Pz.Grenadier w/Kar98k & PzF. 60/100, 1944/45

* RDM35049 W-SS Pz.Grenadier w/StG44 & PzF. 60/100, 1944/45

* RDM35050 W-SS Panzerfausts team, 1944/45 (two figures)

* RDM35051 Breakthrough on the Danube, Budapest relief attempts, Konrad I-III, Hungary 1945 (4 figures, set consists of set RDM35012, 2021 edition and 35050)

Figures are 1/35 scale and resin cast. Sculpted by Radek Pituch and boxarts painted by Toshihiro Sano.



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