New ECO Styrene Cement and Crystal PVA adhesive 100% translucent from Vantage Modelling Solutions

The new and improved chemical formulation VMS Styrene Cement 2.0 ECO is devoid of smelly acetone and has only mild and pleasant smell and slower evaporation rate - this means less headache for you, this glue can't cause dizziness. It will also react plastic a bit more slowly so if you get the glue where it shouldn't go you can quickly wipe it away and it will leave no trace.

Two variants available, slow and fast

PVA is a classic way of gluing all kinds of materials on a diorama base. PVA is good when you need to affix and position a lot of objects and using a CA glue would be wasteful. PVA dries slowly allowing for a lot of manipulation so that you can plan the layout of your base on the fly. Appropriate for materials such as wood, paper, cardboard, minerals. VMS PVA has improved formula and dries two times faster than old school PVA you might have used and what's more important the joint is much less milky



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