Looking to add a human touch to the Korean War-era USMC armor? Look no further, DEF Model has a perfect figure for you.


This review covers the latest figure release from DEF Model: USMC Tank Crew Korea 1950 (DF35026).

The 3D sculpted figure is based on a wartime photo of a Marine posing next to M26 Pershing tank at Inchon, 1950.


The figure set is packed in a hard cardboard box. The box is nicely designed and features box art image showing the figure painted by the talented Dr. Jin Kim.

Opening the box reveals a zip-lock bag with 5resin pieces. The pieces include figure’s torso, 2 legs and 2 arms.

I always start the review process by checking the resin parts for any casting flaws and imperfections. Closer inspection of the pieces included in this set confirmed a very impressive resin cast, with no air-bubbles to fill or seam lines to clean. The details are very sharp and nicely defined.

The large casting blocks are easy to remove by applying the basic tools and techniques for working with resin pieces. I used side cutters, a hobby knife and some fine grit sandpaper. There are also tiny casting blocks located on the figure’s fingers, which I was very patient with… it is much easier being extra careful instead of having to resculpt the delicate fingers. Tamiya sharp pointed side cutters and a new scalpel blade did the trick for me. After cleaning the pieces, the figure is ready for assembly.


The figure parts fit well and I had no problems assembling the figure. The trick is in dry fitting the pieces and checking their alignment before actually opening the glue bottle. I joined the legs first, then fixed them to the torso. Finally, I glued the arms to the torso. There are almost no visible gaps between the pieces and the putty work was kept to a minimum.

The assembled figure looks very realistic. The anatomy is spot on and the relaxed pose nicely rendered. The figure was sculpted wearing herringbone twill (HBT) uniform, consisting of field jacket and trousers. The jacket features three pockets on the front, two lower and one on the chest. The chest pocket was usually stamped with the USMC eagle, globe and anchor insignia. The jacket front is closed by four metal buttons. The trousers have two large cargo pockets on the hips. On his head, the figure sports the HBT cap, and on his feet the M1948 leather combat boots.


USMC Tank Crew, Korea 1950 (DF35026) from DEF Model delivers a 1/35 scale Marine figure from the Korean War era. The figure is based on a wartime photo, perfectly cast in resin and easy to assemble. The relaxed posture is wonderfully delivered and well balanced, the USMC garb and gear realistically depicted.

Altogether, this is a very nice figure and should present a great addition to Korean War vignettes and dioramas.

Finally, here are some images of the figure painted by the talented hands of Dr Jin Kim. Enjoy!



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