Here we take a look at an eagerly awaited release from MiniArt in the form of US Soldier Rain Wear in 1/35th scale.


There are not many figure releases that have been as eagerly anticipated as these US soldiers from World War II in rain wear. The set offers five figures which I know will please a lot of people, so let’s take a closer look at this 1/35th scale figure release from MiniArt.


This offering from MiniArt is provided in one of their end opening card cartons, which is a little disappointing due to their level of protection offered during storage and transit. Inside is a single plastic bag containing eight sprues, three of which are the figures and the other weapons and equipment. A negative at this point, is that I am disappointed to see heavy flash on parts of the carrier, which worries me in the cases of new moulds.

The five figures provided are all stood upright, and either stood still or walking. Despite this set being a WWII offering, it can be used to represent American troops right through into the 1970s as I am unaware of the rain water poncho having been changed during that period - a case of if it works and does its job, leave it alone. Two of the figures are wearing button up raincoats, and I am not as sure of myself as to what changes this garment underwent. The helmets provided with and without scrim nets. Putties are present and is an aspect of the uniform that I do not believe was commonly used in Vietnam. Face detail is fair, but could of course be replaced with resin if preferred. The hands and finger detail are of current injection moulded quality.

Equipment wise we are provided with five hand grenades, five bayonets in sheaths, two bayonets out of sheaths plus the sheaths, five entrenching tools in their canvas holders and two entrenchment tools with separate handle and blades used as desired, five canteens, plus tow further canteens out of their holders, ready for use. Moving on to the weapons, we have two Grande rifles, two Springfield rifles with wooden stocks, two Springfield riffles with folding stocks and these are provided with the relevant ammunition pouches. Three grease guns are provided, with separate stocks that can be used in the position of your choice. Two styles of Thompson machine guns are provided, one with and one without the front hand grip. These do not have magazines in place, and you are provided with a drum magazine and three standard magazines. Again ammunition pouches are provided for each of the weapons. A BAR is provided with separate bi-pod legs, unfortunately my example had the front portion of the barrel damaged due to bending, and is an issue with packaging. A suppressed M3 sub-machine gun, and a M3 sub-machine gun with a flash suppressor. 


Having got this set in my grubby little paws, I find myself with mixed feelings. The figures themselves I like, but I am disappointed to find flash on a new release. The choice of weapons and equipment are good, but I am disappointed to find damage on one of the weapons due to packaging. With some chopping and changing around, you have a figure set suitable for use over an extended period, with weapons being the primary concern and so my considered opinion is that this release from MiniArt is a good one for its intended purpose, and a fair one moving forward in time. I just hope that the flash I have found is an oddity, rather than normality. 



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