Here we take a look at the MiniArt 1/35th scale release of a US 1.5t 4x4 Chevrolet 506 Flat Bed Truck


This offering from MiniArt takes the Chevrolet in 1/35th scale onto the civilian market. While 1/35th scale is not the usual scale for civilian vehicles, I cannot help but feel 1/35th offerings provide more options than the 1/24th scale civilian vehicles are normally offered in. 


This release from MiniArt of the Chevrolet G506 is provided in a cardboard tray, with a card lid. All of the contents bar the instruction booklet are packaged in a single plastic bag, also present in the plastic bag are the decals and clear sprue - Which are in the same bag, that I do not agree with and a photo etched fret inside its own card sleeve which I do like. An examination of the contents, does not reveal any obvious damage but there are a number of parts that are very finely moulded that could be very easily broken. Access to the parts is generally good, and there are not an excessive number of connections. Looking at the mouldings of the cab, I have found two ejector pin marks that will need to be removed. Other than that, it does require great care during the removal of parts due to their finesse. 

This offering of the G506 is provided with a multi-part chassis, with two main chassis rails with good details on both faces, and then a number of cross members that bring the chassis together as a whole. I advise that the rails and cross members are assembled on a gridded cutting mat to ensure that the assembly is square. A good replication of the fuel tank is provided, along with photo etch mounting brackets. I personally am unsure if this use of photo etch, actually adds anything to the finish. The two bump stops on the rear of the chassis, are made using photo etch and with the shape being quite complicated it is very pleasing to see MiniArt provide a jig to get this shape correct. 

The leaf spring suspension are provided in single pieces and I am pleased to see that the seam lines are minimal, but will still require clean up. The axles are well moulded for what is a chunky piece of metal on the real vehicle, but an area of concern is that the shackles that mount the axles are individually moulded with a separate bracket to connect to and these pieces could be very easily damaged. Another nice area on this model, is a very detailed battery and battery box - with you just needing to add the wires. I cannot be 100% sure but it looks to me that showing the front wheels turned will be a relatively easy task to undertake. Well detailed drive shafts have been provided for use between the differentials and the transfer box. 

MiniArt has provided a well detailed engine and gear box, with the modeller only really required to add the missing cables and wires. Those that are skilled with a paint brush will likely have a good time in bringing the engine to life with careful application of grime, dirt, wear and tear which should give you a pleasing result. The spare tyre in this release is mounted at an angle on the chassis, this is a detail that I have been unable to verify, as nearly all of the images on line are of military used vehicles and I wonder if the civilian mount was more about ease of access than clearances. The rails that will mount the truck bed to the chassis, are provided with individual locks - one above and one below (six pairs in total), and I can see this being a finicky task for the modeller. 

The radiator of the truck has been well detailed, and all adds to the great appeal of the oily areas of this model. The firewall between the cab and the engine bay is especially well detailed and includes having extra parts added to it. The cab interior actually has a separate roof lining, that will hide the ejector pin marks that I originally focused on. The dashboard has a good level of detail and decals are provided for the instruments. All of the controls you expect to be present in the cab are there, the doors have been provided separately with door cards that are specific mouldings, with all the door furniture also separately moulded. The windscreen and door windows have been tackled in such a way, that the door windows could be shown wound down, and the windscreen open or closed.

The side walls of the engine bay have open moulded vents, which are particularly nice and Chevrolet is also embossed on them. The grilles that protect the lights and radiator are provided as photo etch pieces, and again I am very pleased to find that MiniArt has provided jigs to correctly bend these photo etch pieces into the needed shapes. With such a well detailed engine bay, it is pleasing to see that the bonnet/hood can be shown open, and the arm that holds it open has been provided. 

Moving to the truck bed and the wood grain in present, as are the aluminium/brass strips that go between the separate pieces of wood on the truck bed are very well replicated. Provided with the truck is a cargo of barrels. These are provided in four different sizes and with careful painting will look very good. Another addition that I was pleased to find, is a driver for the vehicle - basically wearing coveralls and a peaked cap, meaning that he could be painted as military or civilian. 

MiniArt has provided five finishing options for the model, and these are as follows:

USA, Indiana, 1940s

USA, Texas, 1945

USA, Florida, 1940s

USA, New York, 1950

Philipines, 1946


This offering from MiniArt will I believe prove popular with the civilian vehicle modellers, and by the military modeller who wishes to show something a little different. There are a number of areas that please me, such as the windows being able to be shown open or closed, excellent chassis detail and very well done engine bay, that can be shown open and the vents at the side finish it off very well. When it comes to provided parts the number of jigs included for use, will make the task of building this model easier than it would have been, with my only critique being that the finesse of some of the elements will not make this an easy kit to build without a good understanding and ability of skills used with plastic models. 



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