BRAVO*6 lately released 13th figure of Rumble in Jungle series. B6-35331 US Army Inf. (13) Fireman’s Carry depicts a 1/35 scale Vietnam War US Infantry soldier in standard uniform carrying his friend on his shoulders and his rifle on his left hand.

Fireman's carry is a technique allowing one person tocarry another person away from danger without assistance, by placing thecarried person across the shoulders of the carrier. Though the technique isnamed and first used by firefighters, it has been replaced due to the drawbackthat smoke and heat are greater higher up, and may be fatal to the person beingcarried. 

Soldiers use this technique to carry wounded comrades. Itallows a soldier to carry an injured comrade securely using only one hand,leaving his other hand free to carry and fire his weapon if required.

 This technique is also used for an opposite purpose as atakedown technique in Judo, professional and amateur wrestling.

Kit is served in a cardboard box labeled with a photo ofthe figures painted by Vladimir Demchenko, also the sculptor. Parts come ingrey resin  with casting blocks (removedfor the review) and are secured in small transparent bags. Resin quality isgood and casting is very clean and sharp. They will be ready to paint asremoved from sprue with no need for a serious cleanwork.

Figure-A comes  in 8pieces.

- Body with upper body of Figure-B

- Head

- Left arm carrying rifle

- Right arm holding the rifle

- M16 rifle with left hand

- One quart canteen  in canvas cover - 2 pieces

- Bayonet in scabbard

- M1 Helmet in Mitchell pattern camo cover

Figure-B comes in 8 pieces.

- Lower body  withFigure-A’s right arm

- Head

- Left arm

- Right arm

- One quart canteen in canvas cover

- Empty canvas cover

- Bayonet in scabbard

A water-slide decal sheet with different types ofinsignia, ranks and nametags is given as in all Rumble in Jungle kits.

Pose of figure, body proportions and balance are very well represented. Cloth folds on the tropical jungle uniforms are well defined. Details on the field gear cast on figures and supplied seperately are crisp, sharp and fit well to the holes on the body. 

Facial features and expressions are very nice. Hair is sculpted on both figures which allows modeler to use the figure with or without helmet. 

B6-35331 Fireman's Carry is another masterpiece by Vladimir Demchenko.  Though it looks like a complex figure to assembly; it is very easy to build and fit is perfect.

Highly Recommended

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