Special Hobby has released a highly detailed 1:35 3D-printed Japanese Type 92 machine gun in their CMK range.

The Type 62 was a standard WW2 Japanese Army machine gun and now we bring it to you in the form of a 1/35 scale 3D-printed set. The Type 92 was developed from the Hotchkiss gun and the charecteristic sound it gave out when fired the US troops nicknamed it the Woodpecker. The gun had been first introduced to service in 1932 and so it was used as early as in the China war and various clashes with the Soviet Union. After WW2 ended, the gun was used by communists in the Korea War and also by various national liberation groups such as the Viet Cong. Our P35028 Type 92 Japanese Heavy Machine Gun offers the gun including the spare magazines, ammunition boxes and the characteristic tripod which can be assembled either in the firing or transport configuration.

Item #P35028 is available now from Special Hobby - Price: 15.19 Euros

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