Here we take a look at the Type 320 (W142) Cabriolet World War II German Staff Car from ICM in 1/35th scale.


The following introduction is as provided by ICM:

The Mercedes-Benz 320 (W142), developed by Daimler-Benz AG, was launched in 1937. It was equipped with a six-cylinder engine with a volume of 3.2 litres (3.4 litres in later versions), which had 78 horsepower. It was available with a short (2880 mm) or long (3300 mm) wheelbase. The Mercedes-Benz 320 (W142) was the most prestigious of the three 6-cylinder middle-class models. One of the body variants for long-wheelbase cars was the Cabriolet. In turn, there were also several versions of this version of the Mercedes-Benz 320, which differ with number of seats, doors, and side windows. The four-seat Cabriolet B version had two doors and four side windows. This car was used by the Wehrmacht as a staff car and was also used as a vehicle for the transportation of senior commanders.


This offering from ICM arrives in a flip top cardboard tray with a separate card lid showing the artwork. The model parts are packaged in a single resealable plastic bag, with the decals protected inside the instruction booklet. An examination of the sprues reveals no moulding issues of which I am aware and the moulded on surface detail is of a high standard. The tyres and the clear parts are packaged in separate bags, which are then packed inside the included single bag. The sprue gates are not of an excessive size or quantity and so access for removal and the clean up required should represent minimal effort to clean up.

This release from ICM is built upon a multi-part chassis rail system, fortunately in this particular model there is a substantial heart at the rear of the chassis which should make alignment a reasonably easy task. As you add the other braces to the chassis rails everything should stiffen up fairly well and give you a solid structure on which to continue your model. A full engine and gearbox is provided with this model, but displaying this aspect will require a lot of work on the part of the modeller to modify the external body panels. The details on the internal walls and various cables that will need to be replicated. Another potential issue for the modeller is that vinyl rubber tyres have been provided for this kit, while this will not bother some I know it is the bone of contention for others. 

Moving to the interior the cab itself meets my expectations, except for the fact that the doors are integrated in the side panels, and so quite a lot of surgery will be needed along side filler to hide where you have been cutting, due to the internal wall of the vehicle being a separate moulding to the skin. Instrument decals have been provided and no obviously glaring issues can be seen by myself. The boot of the model is also an integrated moulding and so no opening of that either. The hood covering the rather nice engine detail has the side vents moulded but they are not replicated on the inside. The concertina hood detail will be difficult to replicate in this release and so making the engine detail obsolete. The exterior is finished with the application of a folded canvas roof. ICM has provided 4 finishing options for this release, and these are as follows:

Type 320 (142) Cabriolet, France , 1940

Type 320 (142) Cabriolet, Unknown Luftwaffe Unit, 1940

Type 320 (142) Cabriolet, Eastern Front, 1943

Type 320 (142) Cabriolet, NJG1(Nacht Jagdgeschwader 1), Probably 1943


This offering from ICM has nice details which cannot be shown by the modeller without a lot of scratch work. Externally the model is very pleasing as the externally moulded detail has been well done. So a very good model on the outside with very nice interior detail that is difficult to impossible to display on the inside.

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