TOPAS 2AP Polish amphibious tracked armoured personnel carrier built by Maciej Bedyński using a Trumpeter BTR-50 and a PanzerShop conversion

The TOPAS 2AP  was a vehicle used in the past by the landing subunits of the 7th  Łużycka Dywizja Desantowa - Desant Morski (Sea Landing Division) . It was organized on amphibious units, such as the US Marine Corps or Soviet Black Berets (Morpiechy). 

The division consisted of 3 marine infantry regiments, 1 amphibious tank battalion (Soviet PT-76), artillery, engineering and other troops., This unit was popularly known in Poland as the Blue Berets for obvious reasons. 

The model itself is a BTR-50 from Trumpeter, with a resin conversion from, tracks from FriulModel, and some scratch work. The resin conversion forced me to work hard on the model, because it was not ideal for the Trumpeter kit. But I am satisfied with the final result.



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