Vespid is at it again with a stunning release of 1/72nd scale kits, on this occasion we take a look at the Tiger 1 Early Production (Lucky Tiger Special Addition).


This offering from Vespid Models of a Tiger 1 early production, arrives in a cardboard tray with a card lid, the parts are packaged in bags with no more than 2 sprues to a bag. An examination of the contents reveals no moulding issues and the packaging has done its job of protecting the model. If you wanted to be particularly picky you could say that the gates between the sprue and the parts are perhaps larger than needed. The kit is provided with the usual plastic sprues, which are enhanced via the application of photo etch, a turned aluminium barrel and a 3D printed resin muzzle brake.

This particular model from Vespid has already gained approval due it part to the input by David Byrden who has helped Vespid Models with details that allow you to specifically replicate the first Tigers as used by Das Reich. The model offers some stunning detail for the scale, such as a partial interior, the air intake and fuel tanks at the rear, and has been designed to allow the top of the hull to be lifted free to get a look inside. Surface detail that has been moulded on is of a good standard, being crisply moulded and well defined. I particularly like that a support is added to the rear of the drivers hatch plate to support the upper hull in the correct position. Tracks as usual for Vespid are link and length which is a good compromise for modellers who love their detail. 

Moving to the turret you again have a nice level of interior detail, and again Vespid has provided the possibility to have the roof of the turret freely applied to allow it to be lifted off. Unfortunately the cradle beneath the turret is not included. The main gun is provided with a two part turned aluminium barrel and the 3D printed resin muzzle brake. You are again, however, provided with the option of an injection moulded barrel if you prefer. The interior detail of the main gun looks to be good to me, and certainly well up to a vehicle of this scale. 

Vespid Models have provided 3 finishing options for this release, which are as follows:

Schwere Panzerkompanie SS-Panzer Regiment 2 Das Reich 831 Spring 1943

Schwere Panzerkompanie SS-Panzer Regiment 2 Das Reich S22 November 1943

Schwere Panzerkompanie SS-Panzer Regiment 2 Das Reich S33 July 1943


This release from Vespid Models must be one of the highest detailed models of the Tiger in this scale. There are 1/35th scale kits that do not live up to the detail offered here. Every aspect of the release looks to have been well considered, with the Input of David Byrden  making for a detailed starting point, for an accurate Das Reich Tiger 1. 



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