Here we take a look at an AK offering titled 'The Beauty of Old and Weathered - Extreme Reality 5'


AK as a company produces a wide range of weathering products and materials. In addition to these they have publications that endeavour to help the modeller get the most from their products. This offering of Extreme Reality 5 is a soft backed book, with a double card cover protecting high gloss paper within. The contents of the book are presented over 124 pages. There are 9 projects covered within this title, covering heavy weathering of both military and civilian models and so bring to life what can all to easily be a flat vehicle or model presentation and give it that eye catching finish that modellers seek to master, and replicate.

The projects in this release are as follows:

Kongsfjord by Bruno Fontaine

Junkyard Mistress by Kristof Pulinckx

Soviet Neon Sign Boards by Luc Po

Abandoned Kettenkard by Andy Argent

Unex DH 411 by Michal Traj

Gemu by Oscar Ebri

Abandoned Swan Boat by Luc Po

MBT-70 by Bruno Fontaine


The books contents look at using AK products to produce a models, dioramas and vignettes. The articles are written in the first person, with the information passed to you in step by step order to provide the modeller with the information to try and replicate all aspects of the process. Direction is well covered with well written text and high quality photographs. The wide range of subjects means there should be something for everyone and at the same time may tempt you to turn the black arts on another area of the hobby.


This offering from AK Interactive is by in large good, but as with any publication, when reading the methodologies for achieving certain finishes it is you perception of the written word and the understanding of that written word that will enable or prevent you from achieving you goal. I commend the modellers within the title, for the detail provided in their explanations. Accompanied by excellent photography, that gives the average modeller a chance to achieve high end results or at the very least a shove in the right direction.



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