Trackpad Publishing announces their latest title has arrived and can be ordered now.

TP015 A4, full colour throughout, 240 pages, hardback. 550 photos and diagrams.

ISBN: 978-1-9998867-1-4

Mike Cecil titles are always a tour-de-force and his third book for Trackpad is no exception. All fans of this classic British field gun should be interested in this volume which describes the subject like no other previous book. This publication details the 25-pdr gun, its ammunition and ammunition trailer. It examines in detail the range of Australian adaptations of the 25-pdr as a pack gun and Self-Propelled gun, and the 25-pdr carriage as the basis for the 17-pdr anti-tank gun. It demonstrates how the 25-pdr really was an adaptable piece of ordnance.

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