A review of Tankraft 3D printed tracks for Tamiya M18 Hellcat kit.

Tankraft reference PT-010 is a set of 3D printed, workable, tracks for Tamiya 35376 kit of the M18 Hellcat tank destroyer. Like the rest of products in this series, they share the same packaging and presentation, a sturdy Roll End Tuck Top cardboard box measuring 17x11cm with a large label  on top.

The content is well protected by two layers of foam and thanks to the large box size in relation to the parts and this protecting foam, the product should arrive safely through the post.

The inside of the lid has another label with the instructions and assembling tips. 

There are three plastic zip bags inside of the box. Two are for track links, marked L (for the left track) and R (for the right track) and one for the pins, marked  HS, that will be used for both tracks.

All parts come clean and ready to use, without printing trees or rests of them.

Printing quality is excellent, there are no visible bands or defective parts, and the pins are thin and straight. Foundry marks are shown on the track links and the pin heads have a flat side, all like the original parts.

Assembly is quite simple, but slightly different from the rest of their sets. One of the pin heads comes molded with the track link, which has a lug to connect to the following track link. This ensures a solid joint plus saves some work, as only one pin per track link has to be inserted.

Once the track link is correctly positioned, the pins enter effortlessly but tightly.

It is important to note that, as said above, the pins replicate the real ones with a flat part on top of the head. This must be positioned by sight for each pin. Although the pins are in general tightly fit, moving the track a couple of times will cause them to misalign the flat top, so it is advisable to add a tiny drop of glue to secure it in place.

The tracks remain workable and move easily, resisting normal handling without any problem.

Assembling a test run of 30 tracks took me some 15min, including the time to correctly position the pin heads but without gluing them. And required using a1,5x optivisor.

Despite the time required, it is not specially tedious if split in a few sessions. Each track requires 83 track links and the set has 93 per side, so there are at least 20 spares that can be used to discard in case it needs drilling (I did not find any, though), use them as spares on the kit or be sacrificed to the carpet monster to keep him satisfied.


This set of tracks for Tamiya M18  has excellent detail, reproducing correctly the shape of the pin heads. The smart design requires inserting only one side pin, thus saving assembly time.

The parts come clean and ready to use and the result is a solid and workable track that will enhance the look of the model.



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