A review of Tankraft 3D printed tracks for the Soviet KV-1 and KV-2 tanks.

Tankraft reference PT-005 in their ProTracks series is a set of 3D printed 700mm OMSH tracks for the Soviet heavy  tanks KV-1 and KV-2. These tracks were used between early 1940 and September 1942.

The  KV family tanks often showed a prominent sag on their tracks, so having a good set of workable tracks will help achieving the desired effect on your model.

The product comes in a hard Roll End Tuck Top cardboard box measuring 17x11cm. There is a label on top that clearly identifies the product. Inside the box, the parts are protected by two layers of foam on top and bottom. The sticker is included as well :)

Altogether there are enough measures to protect the content, from a good size box where the parts are not cramped to the sturdy carton used and the two foam layers. Even after a long trip in the post, the parts should arrive safely -and this is also important.

The inner lid has another label with the instructions and tips for assembling the tracks. And inside the box, there are three plastic zip bags. The larger one has the track links and it is marked R/L. These tracks were not handed so the same track links are used for the right and left tracks. There are two bags for the pins, marked HS (inserted from the Hull Side) and OS (inserted from OutSide). Their heads and length are different so in case they are accidentally mixed, it will be easy to identify each type.

The printing is excellent for both the track links and the pins. There are no visible faults,no printing bands and no rest of the printing trees. The details is crisp and the different heads of the pins are recognizable. These pins are thin, consistent and straight. The resin used is rigid and strong, I assembled 40x2 pins and none was broken.

All parts, track links and pins, come inside the bags ready to use, free from printing trees or supports.

Assembly is easy and straightforward, inserting the pins from the corresponding side. It is important to keep in mind that, as the tracks are not handed, the tracks must have the pins mirrored.

Instructions advise that in some cases it could be needed to drill the track link to clean any rest of resin, however I did not find any in my test. It is also advised to add a tiny drop of CA to help keeping the pins in place. Again, almost all remained in place and only a couple were slightly loose but not to the point of falling off easily. In any case, I personally prefer acrylic glue like Gator's Grip or Ammo Ultraglue.

I built a first test of 20 and it took me some 12 minutes, the next run of 10, now with more practice, was slightly below 5 min. The third run of ten, using tweezers and optivisor, was only 03:45. Probably using a track building tool it would be even faster.

Tracks links match perfectly and pins enter effortlessly. Once assembled, the track is fully workable.

Each track should have between 87 and 90 track links and this set has 200 plus their pins, which means that at least 20 will be remaining for testing, change it in case of any issue or use them as spares on the kit.


An excellent set of tracks, well packaged and easy to build. The parts are clean and ready to assemble, with crisp detail. Assembly is simple and straightforward, taking a reasonable amount of time. The result is a realistic workable track that can be shown effortlessly with any desired sag or even hanging broken. And as a plus, there is a good set of spares.



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