Here we take a look at the T62 Soviet Main Battle Tank release from Zvezda in 1/35th scale.


The following introduction is as provided by Zvezda:

The Soviet main battle tank T-62 was the world’s first medium serial tank equipped with a smooth bore gun, and heavy armour. It was developed on the base of the T-55 model with a new U-5TS 115mm gun. The production period lasted from 1962 until 1975, with over 20,000 vehicles manufactured. This tank was supplied to many allies of the Soviet Union, and became famous due to its participation in several local conflicts between 1968 and 2017. In the DPR of Korea the production of a licensed copy of a T-62 continued until 1989, and is still in service. The T-62 is also still in service in other countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Cuba and Syria. 


This offering from Zvezda arrives in a flip top cardboard box, with the additional protection of an end opening card carton with the artwork upon it. The plastic parts of the model are packaged in two plastic bags, with the clear parts packed in a Ziploc bag with the decals, but the clear parts are against the backing paper. Parts of the model are cleanly moulded, but there are some ejector pin marks that will need to be addressed. 

This Zvezda release allows for two versions to be produced, but realistically that is limited to covers on the lenses. The hull of the model is a multi part assembly, with separate floor, sides, front, rear and upper panels. You will need to be very careful during the construction of the hull, as with nothing substantial to support the side panels getting the angle of the dangle correct will be more difficult, than if a brace had been provided to support the sides at some point along their length. Another area where a brace would have helped, would have been to support the upper deck, which is provided in two parts, which are an engine deck and the crew compartment deck. The engine deck itself has a reasonable level of detail, but will benefit from some photo etch, which I am sure will come along from the aftermarket companies. 

The wheel arms are made up of four parts, with the support leg itself being in two halves. This initially concerned me, but after trying to look at reference, I believe that any seams visible will actually be a correct detail. The legs are locked in a set alignment that will require some surgery if not being shown on a level base. The road wheels have good detail moulded on them, but the modeller would ideally impart some damage to the rubber parts of these. The drive and idler wheel, share the same good level of detail and I cannot see anything of concern here. The tracks of this model, are provided in link and length format, which have good detail on both faces but the inner face of the track link parts do have a small number of ejector pin marks, that will ideally need to be addressed. 

The track guards are completely separate from the rest of the hull, and so will make the addition of the link and length tracks easier than it otherwise would have been. Storage boxes and fuel tanks mounted on the track guards, have a reasonable level of detail, but the finer details such as fuel lines will need to be added by the modeller, as while they are a tiny detail, they can be seen on this particular tank model. The fuel tank at the rear of the tank are nicely catered for, with a snorkel also included. Lights and light guards are well catered for, but could be improved upon by some of the 3D printed items from the after market catering to this model of tank. 

The cast turret of the model, has what I believe to be smooth moulding detail, which may or may not need to be roughed up a bit for authenticity. The lenses and periscopes on the turret are well catered to, in clear parts and of course you have the option of having the covered lenses. The turret hatches can I believe be shown open or closed, although this is not covered in the instructions. I am not a fan of the barrel, as it is in two halves, which will result in a hard to fix seam line on both sides of the barrel. The cloth mantlet on the barrel in what connects it to the turret. The mantlet has been provided in four separate pieces, which means the gun can only be affixed in one position. A cloth roll is provided for attachment on the rear of the turret, which may look better made in cloth, rather than plastic parts. 

The finishing options for this model are the 4th Guards (Kantemirov) Tank Division 1972-1974 and the second option is the same version but with the lenses covered. 


This offering from Zvezda of a T62 MBT is a reasonable kit, but I have seen far better vehicle models from this company of late. Details such as the wheels and tracks are pleasing, and I like that some effort has been put into giving the turret some casting marks. Detail overall is fair, but I dislike the gun barrel being in two halves and the hull of the model, being made up of several parts but lacking any major support structures to make assembly easier for the modeller. With so many users of the T62, I would have liked to have seen more than what is in effect one finishing option for this model, but I do not know if I could really class that as a weakness. I believe that this will make for a good finished model, especially with further enhancement by the modeller and is good for its price. The result of all this is that it depends on what you want from your model.



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