A review of Eureka XXL latest set of Stowage for RFM StuG IV

StuG IVs, like StuG IIIs, used to carry boxes, blankets, spare parts and assorted equipment piled on the engine deck.

Eureka XXL reference ER-3574 is a set of resin parts for RFM's StuG IV that allows to represent this common feature of German assault guns.

It consists of a large resin piece for the rear engine deck, with various elements moulded together, plus two water and fuel cans, folded blankets, and the metal towing cables plus their terminals in resin.

The larger piece is an assorted set of 20 litre jerrycans, a large 200 L drum, boxes and blankets stacked together in a way that can be painted in a variety of colours to bring the model to life. 

The wooden boxes are subtly textured, and the jerrycans are marked accordingly. Both the blankets included in this piece and the ones that come separated are skilfully sculpted, with fine edges and nicely depicting the sagging or wrinkling of the ropes. 

There are also two additional 20-litre jerrycans, one for water and one for fuel, with the markings on the left side, the spigot and the centre line. 

Finally there are two braided copper towing cables with the resin eyelets. The look of the cable is very good, as usual in Eureka XXL products and the copper allows easy bending with a very realistic result. 

The eyelets are also very well represented and have a hollow base to be able to insert the cables, which are already cut to size. 


An excellent set to easily add detail to a StuG IV. The different parts will add a lot of colour to the model while the cables also add to the realism. The quality of both the sculpt and the copy is perfect.



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