MiniArt continues releasing civilians in the form of Street workers.


This offering from MiniArt is a 3 figure set suitable I believe for use from about 1930 to the 1950s. The 3 figures represent, a street cleaner brushing the street, a female figure selling newspapers and a male figure up a ladder cleaning lighting or cleaning a street lamp. All of the figures have a natural stance and so no oddly placed limbs and you also get very natural looking crease detail in the clothing. The males are both wearing the official flat cap usual for the period I believe all across Europe and even in the US - It was almost a statue symbol of the working man. The large broom for cleaning the street has been provided, but the bristle head while reasonable may be better replaced with the hair from an old paintbrush. The step ladder doesn’t have any health and safety signs saying about working at height, which helps age it - It make you wonder if he has done his working at height certificate!!! The street light provided has clear lenses for the globe, and is from a set that we have seen on more than one occasion, and while not used in this release you do get 2 nice stylised cast iron brackets and a clock minus the clock-face. The female figure is nicely proportioned with an obviously female form with no excessive attributes. Hand and face detail is good, and I like the hair style which while feminine does not lock it in to a certain time period.


This provision from MiniArt offers a nice mix of figures that can be used for a street scene, or individual story elements and will I believe attract attention due to the fact that figures of civilians rarely get covered in injection moulded plastic rather than resin. MiniArt certainly seem to have cornered this part of the market. 



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