This is a review by Randy L Harvey of the book, Single Model No. 02, Russian ChTZ S-65 Tractor - S-65 City Tractor SM.02 from Rinaldi Studio Press by author Michael Rinaldi.


** SM.02 S-65 City Tractor features a civilian-based project created from the excellent 1/35 Trumpeter Stalinetz S-65 Russian Army tractor kit, with a finish that is designed to explore other realms of possibilities. This model will illustrate how a city owned operation might have utilized this one time military tractor. The finish was heavily influenced by the many worn-out city tractors seen in the great Pacific Northwest.

This book showcases the versatility of the new Single Model (SM) how-to scale modeling series. Using a WWII-era heavy equipment tractor as a base model, the 1/35 kit is turned into a well used and weathered civilian municipal subject. The book highlights each step of the process with highly detailed photos and dual-format text.  **  

** Quoted from the Casemate Publishers website

Rinaldi Studio Press has released Single Model No. 02, Russian ChTZ S-65 Tractor - S-65 City Tractor SM.02. It is a 128-page soft cover book, 6.5 x 7.5, inches in size.  Included with the text are color photographs, detailed captions, paint chart and more. It has a 2016-2021 copyright, a publication date of February 2016 and the ISBN is 978-0-9883363-5-3.  The book is perfect bound, uniquely designed uncoated Linen cover stock. Interior pages are the same high-quality paper stock as the TANKART books, which helps to create a stylish and cool presentation with tons of character.

SM Series (Single Model) -- an entirely new approach to hobby publications featuring any genre - any scale. The SM Series is the latest series illustrating the focused RSP approach to scale modeling. All subjects are welcome within these books, with unprecedented coverage inside from start-to-finish.


- Introduction

- Paint Schemes

- Weathering Philosophy

- Technique Proficiency

          - Hair Spray technique

          - Practice and Testing

          - Oil Paint Rendering

- Assembly

- Painting

          - Reference

- Weathering

- Tracks

- Seat Painting

- Last Details

- Model Gallery

- Step-By-Step Reference

- Layout Guide

W = Why

H = How      

O = Areas of Focus


Author Michael Rinaldi provides a well written and informative text detailing various weathering techniques from start to finish. The text begins on page 4 and ends on page 106.  The remaining pages are reserved for the photo gallery.  The text goes into great detail in all areas of the book as outlined on the contents page, please refer to the contents listing for the areas that are covered through the book.  As stated, the text covers the assembly of the model including the individual link tracks, the painting of it and the use of various pigments and oils, applying the decals and the various weathering techniques used, such as the hairspray technique, and the products used to accomplish the various detailed tasks.  A great deal of the text is broken down into the Why and How sections explaining why to do the specified weathering technique and how to accomplish it with step by step instructions including the products used and the techniques for accomplishing the technique.  The accompanying photographs have circled areas to help pinpoint the area of interest that is detailed in the text for each step taken.  As I read through the text, I didn’t notice any spelling or grammatical errors. Grammar and spelling might not be an important factor to everyone however it is something that I take notice of and pass on my findings.  I feel that if the text is well written then it shows that the author has taken the time to be professional with their writing.  The step by step text will be a benefit to all modelers whether they are novices just getting into the scale modeling hobby or the experienced modeler looking to improve their weathering techniques.  Anyone wanting to add an excellent modeling step-by-step how-to book on weathering scale models to their personal library will be pleased with this informative and interesting book.      


A total of 130 color photographs are included in this volume.  111 of the photographs are of the Trumpeter 1/35 scale S-65 Stalinetz Tractor and related modeling subjects such as paints, pigments, adhesive, hairspray type used, photo-etched brass, brushes, tools, etc.  19 of the photographs are of a Snorkel PRO- 66 aerial lift, Wirtgen cold milling machine and a Genie telescopic boom lift construction equipment.  These photographs are provided for weathering reference.  The photographs are all close-up photographs and are nice and clear and provide excellent detailed images.  I can honestly say that there no poor quality photographs in this book.  Author Michael Rinaldi stuck to the title of the book and used subject specific photographs and did not include photographs that strayed from the main subject of the book.  The majority, if not all, of the photographs will prove to be a wealth of information to anyone interested in learning the excellent weathering techniques used by the author due to the details they contain.  


This is the first book from Rinaldi Studio Press that I have reviewed, and I was very impressed with it.  This is a very nice reference book that contains a well written informative text, many subject specific photographs, well detailed captions and more, all detailing the construction, painting and weathering of the Trumpeter 1/35 scale S-65 Stalinetz Tractor to represent a civilian municipal vehicle.  I would have no hesitation to recommend this book to others as it will be a welcome addition to one’s personal reference library.



This book was provided to me by Casemate Publishers.  Please be sure to mention that you saw the book reviewed here on the KitMaker Network when you make your purchase.  Thank you. 



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