BRAVO*6 started a new series - Under Sanctions depicting figures from Rhodesian Bush War. First kit is Rhodesian Light Infantry special unit Selous Scouts.

Introduction :

The Rhodesian Bush War lasted from July 1964 to 1979 and led to universal suffrage, the end of white minority-rule in Rhodesia, and the creation of the Republic of Zimbabwe. During this war, Selous Scouts  was a special forces unit of the Rhodesian Army that operated from 1973 until the reconstitution of the country as Zimbabwe. It was mainly responsible for infiltrating the black majority population of Rhodesia and collecting intelligence on insurgents so that they could be attacked by regular elements of the security forces.

Inspired by an illustration in Osprey Publishing Rhodesian Light Infantryman  1961-80 book, Vladimir Demchenko sculpted two figures depicting Selous Scouts and BRAVO*6 released the kit as B6-35206.

Review :

Kit comes in standard cardboard box of the company labeled with a photo of the painted figures. Figures bodies and other small parts are seperately inserted zip-lock bags and lumped together into a larger bag. 

Sculpting and casting quality is very nice on the figures with clean and crisp details. Not much need for a detailed cleanwork, just a quick sanding will be enough before priming. 

Parts can be easily removed from casting blocks, but please note that fragile parts like barrels may need extra care.

Cast in grey resin, Figure-A comes in 7 parts and B in 8 parts.

* Body

* Head with cap

* Right arm holding the FAL rifle. Rifle with right hand and arm are given seperately on Figure-B.

* Left arm 

* Water bottles - 3 pieces

Heads are sculpted in nice facial features and expressions. They have Rhodesian Army Split Tail Flap Cap (A) that can be secured with 2 buttons on the backside. The cap can be painted in khaki, beige, black or camouflage pattern.

Figures wear typical clothing of scouts worn during training or local patrol with minimal requirements- no backpacks, no heavy load and no trousers. They both have grass pattern camouflage, three colour, high contrast, disruptive fabric with green and brown strokes on a sandy background Rhodesian Army Brushstroke Camo shirt (B) and shorts. Shorts can be painted in different colors or camo as the cap.

 Over the shirt, Figure-A has a 4 pocket FN FAL chest rig (C) used by Rhodesian Army. Figure-B carries British Army '58 Pattern Yoke type, local production Rhodesian P69 Type Belt and Suspenders (D) and FN FAL ammo pouches on both sides.

As for  the footgear; they have unusual type shoes. Figure-A has black tennis shoes worn during physical training in Rhodesian Army named Black Takkies (E) and Figure-B has Rhodesian Light Infantry Anti Tracking Boots (F) named  Clandestine or Cant Follow Boots. These were made of a very soft leather with a completely flat from heel to toe with a fine stipled sole which leaves an absolute minimum of an imprint.These high leg anti tracking boots with ankle straps were mostly used by the Rhodesian Light Infantry and Fire Force on over border raids. 

They carry 7.62 FN FAL rifles painted in yellow-green camouflage named Baby-poop camo. Note that long barrels of rifles need extra care when removing from sprue.

Though the figures are supposed to carry 2 canteens, 3 different type canteens used by Selous scouts are supplied in the kit.

1. British M1944  canteen

2. South African canteen which looks like 100% copy of US plastic M1956 canteen but with South African marking

3. Rhodesian P69 canteen

Conclusion :

B6-35206 is really a very unique kit as there is no 1/35 scale resin cast Rhodesian figures on market, only a few 3D figures to buy on demand.

Sculpted in crisp details and clean cast, ease on assembly with less parts, easy and correct fit on heads to neck holes and arms to shoulders, different water bottle choices, different painting options make this kit a pleasure to paint. Figures can be displayed alone or next to a  vehicle used during Bush War.

Thanks to Vladimir Demchenko for the review sample.

For more info and photos of all products of the company ; please visit BRAVO*6 . 



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