Live Resin recently added new 1/35 scale figures to their catalogue, all depicting Russian Army vehicle crew. This review covers Russian Army Armored Vehicle or Truck Driver, Set 15 (LRM 35062).


There is an increasing number of 1/35 scale modern Russian vehicles on the modeling market, with new kits being announced almost every month. Besides offering resin upgrades for these kits, Live Resin also provides number of Russian Army figures as crew for the vehicles. This review deals with Russian Army Armored Vehicle or Truck Driver, Set 15 (LRM 35062), while the reviews of many other Live Resin products on Armorama can be found here: link 1 and here link 2.


The figure kit is comes safely packed in a typical Live Resin fashion: a hard cardboard box with the CAD box art images showing the figure from different angles and next to the vehicle. The box states the figure fits all Typhoon-K and Typhoon-VDV kits, but it can definitely be used with various other Russian Army vehicles.

The zip-lock bag contains resin parts, with the bag additionally protected using layer of bubble wrap.

The pieces are cast in grey resin and the quality of the cast in excellent. I found no seam lines, air-bubbles or any other imperfections in the resin. The amount of details on the pieces is amazing, with the details perfectly defined and well delivered.

The casting blocks are large, but with minimal contact points to the pieces, so removing and cleaning the parts is a very straightforward job. I used side cutters, sharp blade and some sandpaper in the process. Assembling the figure was pretty easy as all the main figure pieces fit really well. The figure is engineered with protrusions and indentations in corresponding parts, which provide a great basis for optimal alignment of the pieces. The gaps between the pieces are minimal, but I did use some Magic Sculp putty to make things perfect. The equipment pieces were fixed using box art photo as a reference.

The assembled figure looks fantastic. The pose looks really nice and well balanced. The figure wears 6Sh122 Ratnik reversible camouflage suit, currently used by all branches of Russian Army. Over the suit the figure wears 6B43 body armor, accompanied by 6B47 helmet. The details on the uniform and the equipment are perfectly rendered and, as far as I can tell, authentic to the original items.

A very important addition to this figure kit are two slightly different right arms, as well as two different pairs of boots. These can be used to vary the height of the figure and fit the figure to the vehicle console it is stepping on. Definitely a great addition to the kit, as the extra pieces enable using this kit with different vehicle models from different manufacturers and always obtaining perfect results. I used the figure with my Typhoon-VDV from RPG Model.

Finally, the assembled figure looks fantastic. For me, it is the pose, the authentic feel of baggy camo uniform and the heavy equipment setup adding to the cool factor of the miniature. Along with some of the other Live Resin 1/35 scale offerings, this figure could provide a focal point to any modern day Russian Army vignette.


Live Resin definitely hit a home run with this 1/35 scale figure kit. Russian Army Armored Vehicle or Truck Driver, Set 15 (LRM 35062) is a wonderful kit, perfectly cast, full of sharp details and easy to assemble. A big plus are the additional pieces, which enable posing the figure to a slightly different height and using the miniature with all the different Russian Army vehicles on the market today.

Highly recommended.


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