This review covers one of the recently released figures from Live Resin depicting Russian Army vehicle crew: Russian Army Armored Vehicle or Truck Driver, Set 14 (LRM 35061).


There is quite a number of modern Russian MRAPs and trucks on the 1/35 scale modeling market today. Aftermarket companies offer all sorts of upgrades for these kits, from resin replacement wheels and weapon stations to PE sets, painting masks and decals… Live Resin specialized in producing high-quality resin figures, and the company recently released over 20 figure kits depicting Russian Army vehicle crew, perfectly suited for all the different Typhoon family MRAPs as well as various modern Russian Army trucks.

This review covers Russian Army Armored Vehicle or Truck Driver, Set 14 (LRM 35061) from Live Resin, while the reviews of many other Live Resin products on Armorama can be found here: link 1 and here: link 2


The figure kit is packed in a hard cardboard box. The box art features a CAD image of the figure sitting in the driver’s seat and leaning out, as well as showing the figure from different angles. The box states the figure fits all Typhoon-K and Typhoon-VDV kits.

The zip-lock bag contains resin parts, with the bag additionally protected using bubble wrap.

Closer inspection of the pieces reveals a very good casting quality. I did notice a thin seam line going along the figure’s torso, which could be a bit difficult to clean without damaging some of the assault vest details. Fortunately, the seam is positioned on the right side of the figure toward the passenger seat and should be hidden from view once the vehicle cab is closed. Other than this, I found no other casting flaws, all the details well represented and perfectly defined in resin.

The casting blocks are easy to remove using side cutters, and the pieces were then cleaned using a sharp blade and some fine grit sandpaper. Assembling the figure proved very much straightforward. The main figure pieces fit well and, due to the protrusions and indentations, are easily aligned. There were no visible gaps between the pieces and the putty work was kept to a minimum. The figure kit includes two slightly different right arms. These are supplied so the modeler can choose the one which fits best to the vehicle steering wheel. A really nice touch from Live Resin to optimize the fit of the figure to different model kits.

I already closed the cab of my Typhoon-VDV so unfortunately I couldn’t fix the figure to the vehicle seat for the review photoshoot.

The assembled figure looks really good. The pose is nicely delivered; it conveys the truck driver leaning out of his seat to talk to the dismounted troops well. The details are impressively rendered, the baggy reversible camo uniform, boots, facial details… the figure should provide an added value to any 1/35 scale modern Russian vehicle.


Russian Army Armored Vehicle or Truck Driver, Set 14 (LRM 35061) from Live Resin is an impressive 1/35 scale figure. The cast is good, the details superb. The figure is easy to assemble and the two right hand variants should provide options of fitting the figure to different model kits from different manufacturers.

Highly recommended.


Thank you to Live Resin for this review sample. Live Resin products are available at:



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