Here we take an inbox look at the Russian 9K79 Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) IRBM in 1/72nd scale from HobbyBoss.

This 1/72nd scale release of an SS-21 Scarab from HobbyBoss is a model that I am sure was released as a 1/35th scale offering a couple of years ago. The model as I recall was a bit expensive, and so this may make having one of these in your display cabinet more affordable, and lighter on space. Looking over the parts of the model and comparing to images I could find on line I am generally pleased with what is on offer. There are some large ejector pin marks, that may impact surface detail and so needing to be remedied but that is not beyond any modeller. The only issue will be avoiding the removal of surface detail when sanding down the filler. Vinyl rubber tyres are provided for the kit, which I know will upset a fair number of modellers, and I am kind of surprised that fully moulded wheels were not supplied. One other issue you may be concerned about is that the clear parts are a little on the thick side compared to the scale of the model. Once assembled and finished I believe the result will be a generally pleasing model, with the quality of the finish of course being reliant on the modellers own abilities.



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