Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel (15 November 1891 – 14 October 1944) was a German general and military theorist.

Popularly known as the Desert Fox, among his British adversaries he had a reputation for chivalry, and his phrase "war without hate" has been used to describe the North African campaign. Even his harshest critics point out that the war in the desert, as fought by Rommel and his opponents, still came as close to as clean a fight as there was in World War II. He was later implicated in an assassination plot on Hitler and chose suicide to avoid the persecution of his family. I had purchased the Hasegawa Special Edition Storch which features a Rommel Metal figure. I had recently acquired an Airfix SdKfz 250/3 “Greif” on the anniversary of his death (coincidence) and decided to place these in the Roman Ruins in Tunisia where he last held out before being called back to Germany.



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