Darren Baker takes a look at ICM’s release of a Roman Gladiator in 1/16th Scale.


ICM has released a large number of 1/16th scale figures, covering a broad period of time. We have had modern female British Police Officers, we have been tempted with Viking warriors, and the fans of Game of Thrones have been tempted by three Ice warriors. ICM has now gone further back in time, and released a figure from the gladiatorial games from the period of the Roman Empire in 1/16thscale.


This release from ICM is provided in a flip top cardboard tray, with an additional card lid. Inside is a single re-sealable plastic bag, containing the modelling elements, a box top poster and a sheet of paper covering assembly and painting.

As some of you will be aware, there are several different types of Roman gladiator, that were specifically paired against each other. This offering from ICM most closely replicates, a gladiator referred to as Trax, although it should be said, that with a little work, the figure could be transformed into Murmillo, or Secutor. This figure is shown in an action pose, as if preparing to attack. The exposed portions of the body, have good muscle definition and despite not being visible, the face has been well tackled as well. An area that caught my attention, is the intricate detail of the toes of the model. The proportions of the study, look good to me and I am pleased to see, that ICM has not tried to present us with a body builder.

The outfit itself, starting at the bottom and working our way up, you have metal greaves, covering knee to foot of the front of the lower leg. These are backed with a heavy cloth that completely surrounds the lower leg. The thighs are bare, with a basic loin cloth covering the groin. The chest and back are exposed, as is the shield arm. The sword arm, is covered with the heavy cloth lining which is similar in design as   cloth armour used in later history. The sword provided is what I would refer to as a scimitar, but I would suspect there was an exact name for it. Detail on all aspects is good, and of particular note is the embellishment placed on the metal greaves. 

Moving to the shield, you get the short Roman shield with the metal boss in the centre. I am not 100 per cent convinced that the metal boss would be present as I believe these short shields were made from damaged full length shields. Moving on to the helmet, this element requires a good number of parts, the full face shield, with viewing holes, is provided in two halves and has pleasing detail. The rim of the helmet, has a very nice shape to it, and is the part that I would use to build the helmet from. The headguard portion is again provided in two halves, with the ridge moulded as part of it. The brush on the crest, has been provided separately, and has been quite well tackled by ICM. A plume is mounted on each side of the helmet, but I was not able to find out what this represented. The helmet once assembled and painted, is particularly ornate, and with careful weathering, should really catch the eye. 

There is a hint here, of a potential future release in the form of a Butler. This is a small round shield, used to help deflect blows, but tended to be used to punch at the enemy, and If I am correct, it could mean we have a Hoplomachus coming down the line. A raised oval base is also included with this figure to enable it to be displayed to good effect.


ICM has really peaked my interest for building1/16th scale figures. It is something that until fairly recently, I had not considered, but since I have started reviewing 1/16th scale figures from ICM, they are something that I have begun to purchase, in both resin and plastic. This particular figure, is identifiable from the history of the Roman games, and has a lot of appeal due to the detail provided on it. I hope in the near future, to get a chance to complete this figure, to give you some idea to what the finished model looks like. This is a very pleasing figure with great appeal.



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