Roden's latest 1/35 scale kit features the Ford V8-G81A employed as a radio car.

#818 Ford V8-G81A Funkkraftwagen

#818  Ford V8-G81A Funkkraftwagen

The Ford G81A, like many other types of passenger car, was extensively used by army units. Some parts of the Wehrmacht used these cars, as well as the Luftwaffe, police units and others, mainly as a staff car. 

A small number of Ford G81As were converted so as to be fitted with field radios and used by communications and radio reconnaissance units. The rear part of the car body was rebuilt in order to accommodate the substantial volume of the specialized radio equipment.

 Cable reels and additional handrails were also installed. Despite the relatively small number of such radio vehicles, their operation continued almost until the end of the Second World War, both on the Eastern and Western fronts.



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