This photo feature is for a diorama build of two guys, a tank, and a dog going treasure hunting. They finally find out the relic is real and take a break to have some coffee, read the map..but did they find the relic? This is the story in the diorama that only the viewer can decide.

Relic is Real Diorama

This photo feature is for a diorama build I did awhile back that was a concept of a smaller scouting tank that was taken off base looking for treasure. Animals such as dogs are not something common shown in a diorama and helps tell a story of hunting treasure with the element of mystery.  What's interesting about this diorama layout is the effect of a slanted surface that shows landscape with many different elements of fall. From the smell of coffee, to the fall colors with dead trees & mushrooms growing on the logs. There is nothing like looking at a diorama and being visually taken in by all of the elements telling a story.

Front Side Angle

Front Side Angle



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