This book focuses on images of American soldiers and the equipment they used or encountered in the Battle of the Bulge, and does it very well.

The Battle of the Bulge continues to inspire and draw the interest of the military history community. Yet, and partly due to the success of Band of Brothers, when people hear the words “Battle of the Bulge”, they immediately think of paratroopers holding Bastogne and then Patton’s tanks riding to the rescue. The fighting in the Ardennes was so much more than that and involved hundreds of thousands of soldiers on each side. In addition, it is forgotten that British and Canadians fought in the Bulge as well on the Northern shoulder. The Bulge battles are well known for the tanks of both sides trudging through the snow but like many engagements of World War II, it was fought and won by the soldier with the rifle, a machine-gun team, a well-coordinated mortar assault and infantry support weapons. 

This book will showcase all the weapons used by the soldiers in Bulge.

A hardcover (6.8” x 9.7”) 320 pages with 400 black and white photographs, all of which are clear and captioned, and largely new. There are a few 'Bulge' staples, and a lot of images showing the everyday life of soldiers, with plenty of modelling inspiration and motivation for dioramas. 

The book is broken down into three chapters, being 1 Infantry weapons, 2 Infantry support weapons, and 3 Armoured vehicles. 

There is little reading to be had, the introduction is less than two pages, and the introduction to the three chapters is equally brief. There are no colour plates or maps, which is not a drawback, just plenty of images. I've been through the book, cover to cover, a couple of times, and seen new details among the pages each time. There are a couple of highlights, like the M29 Weasel in snow camouflage, p.147, and a series of images documenting the recovery of an M36, pages 177-179. 

There are some images of German vehicles and equipment, among them some GI letting loose with captured German weapons, which makes for an interesting diorama. 

What text there is is well written and makes no apologies for the lack of words, "This book is not a summary of the Bulge battles nor a tactical history as there have been numerous excellent accounts already published that capture that theme." p vii. 

A very handy reference of the US Army in the Battle of the Bulge, and the Axis Germans they encountered. Easily recommended.



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