A review of this volume from Key Books.

In review, a great book if you’re not sure about whether to commit to Axis armour of World War II; and if you do know your Panzer V ausf A from the G, then grab this book for its great colour profiles.

 I particularly liked the inclusion of the hand-drawn extracts from AFV Recognition Part II. July, 1943 Enemy turrets AFVs[sic], see below.

 Only a couple of oddities, in the introduction, the authors point out that the book does not cover prototype vehicles yet contains PanzerVIII Maus and the Panzer IV mit Hydrostatischem Antrieb; and the Panzer 35(t)and 38(t) are not strictly speaking German vehicles. Nonetheless, a very worthwhile addition to your reference library. 

This is a short review as there is not much to the book itself, and the images below tell a better story than me just trying to come up with words to fill in space... the two pages on the Rheinmetall Grosstraktor are a good example of the rest of the book, and the table of contents lists subjects covered. 




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