Steve Santucci, co-host of "The Modeling Insanity Podcast," reviews the new 3D-printed tracks from Quick Wheel.


Tracks-- but not your ordinary tracks.

3D tracks-- but just any 3D tracks!

These tracks take 3 easy steps, but wait there is more!

What if I told you that these tracks live up to their name? Quick! They snap together.

Step 1: take one track line of parts.

Step 2: press together.

Step 3 repeat til the run is done!

I am not new to this product line as I have their Panzer tracks for a Stug. B. But think about that: no more fiddley parts or multiple parts per track to assemble before the main assembly. The most tedious part of any tank build is the tracks, from removing from the sprue to cleaning and assembly. This product takes all those steps out of the process.

Clean-up is nearly eliminated. I could find little contact points from the 3D printing supports, but there is no cutting away from the printed items like with many 3D products.


The product reviewed is the Quick Tracks T-35033 IDF Merkava 1. Inside the box are three bags, one is marked L for left, the other obviously right. A smaller bag includes a note that reads in order to “close the circuit” of the track assembly, use the track links locking parts.


The detail for 3D is exquisite, clear and clean. I have never been this excited to build tracks! The notice also includes the following: “tracks designs are based on original source materials and/or measurements, their length has to be adjusted by correctly aligning the idler wheel of the model-- just as in a real vehicle.”

You may want to snap them together with your fingers but it is strongly advised to assemble the tracks on a hard, flat surface using tweezers or similar tool. One could easily break the guide horns off if assembled by your fingers, or at the very least bend them. There is also a web link to refer to prior to assembly.

Thanks to Quick Wheel for this review sample. Be sure to mention you saw the product reviewed on Armorama when ordering a set.



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