Darren Baker takes a look at the Pz.KpFw.V Panther Ausf G Late Production release from Vespid Model in 1/72nd scale.


The Panther tank as used by the Germans in WWII, and France after the war must have a same level of appeal as the Tiger 1. The Panther was pretty much the German answer as the angled armoured tank to the T34, they were facing in the East and arguably resulted in one of the finest tanks, if not the best tank of WWII.


This offering from Vespid Model arrives in a cardboard tray. After opening you will find the sprues for the most part individually packaged, including the hull and the turret, and you will also find photo etch, a turned aluminium barrel, and what I believe are a choice of a resin muzzle break or covered muzzle break. An examination of the parts leaves me with a very positive opinion of the offering, which is further protected via wrapping of bubble wrap. 

The hull of this release is a single piece lower hull, with good moulded on detail on the underside. Something that gives you an idea of the effort put into this 1/72nd scale release if that the suspension arms are individually supplied, as are the interlocking road wheels, drive sprocket and idler wheel. The tracks for this offering are link and length and offer a very good level of detail, suitable for 1/35th scale despite being 1/72nd scale.

The upper hull is provided with separate hatches for the driver and radio operator. Photo etched engine deck covers and even the Kugelblende have been provided separately. There is some surgery required on the upper hull, requiring both the removal of parts and the drilling of holes. One part of the model that would make me struggle are the mounting brackets for the track guards, with are photo etched, and I just feel that my eyes would not be up to this. Cross patterned storage boxes, are provided for the rear, with a separate photo etched lid which gives you the option to show them open. 

The turret of the model has separate top and bottom, and the gun mantlet has been designed to allow the elevation and depression of the gun. The correct chin mantlet has been provided and no issues should be encountered, when installing the barrel. As stated previously you have a 3D printed muzzle break or a resin muzzle break with a canvas cover in place. Fixtures and fittings on the roof of the turret, are a mixture of very fine photo etch and plastic, and you are even supplied with the Commander’s MG mount and gun. 

The track armoured plates in photo etch are provided in individual pieces, making it easy for the modeller who does not wish to show all of the plates in place. Three finishing options are included, and these will require different assembly steps to be followed, as regards the design of the exhausts of which there are three different types, and one option also requires the addition of track armour to be added to the turret. Vespid has provided four painting options which represent the following:

Panzer Regiment 2, 16th Panzer Division, 113, March 1945 Oberschlesien

Kampfgruppe, Panzer Brigade 106, FHH, Bonn, March 1945

Unknown Unit, Poland, Autumn 1944

Unknown Unit, Germany, January 1945


Vespid models are just going from strength to strength when it comes to their 1/72nd scale armoured kits. These kits are not for the faint of heart, but for the modellers with the required skill set you have the potential and parts to produce a Braille scale late Panther AUSF G that will be truly stunning, due to the exquisite details straight from the box, and which I can see know other additions being required other than a modeller.



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