Here we take a look at two Pz.Kpfw.LLAusf.A2 German Light Tank releases from IBG in 1/35th scale. one kit is a limited edition release and the other the standard release.


In this review looking at the 1/35th Panzer 2 from IBG Models I will unusually be covering 2 kits at the same time - one is a standard issue and we will then be looking at what is different in the limited addition version of the model. The Panzer 2 formed the backbone of the German armoured forces during the invasion of Poland and France. 


Both of these offerings from IBG Models are provided in a cardboard box with a separate card lid depicting the artwork. Inside of this the model parts are provided in a mix of Ziploc and standard plastic bags. The clear parts are packaged alone, and the decals are also in a sealed bag with the photo etch elements on the back side of the decals. The moulding quality of all of the parts is of a good standard, with raised and recessed detail being well defined. Visually everything appears in scale. The plastic used is a little on the hard side, and so care should be taken when cutting pieces free to avoid shock breaks. On the plus side in this regard, access to the parts is very good but again there are some concerns over possible breakages during the removal of some of the finer mouldings. 

The lower hull of this release has been moulded with separate ends. Looking at this particular aspect of the model, I see no obvious issues to trip you up. An option has been provided at the lower rear of the hull - providing the parts both with and without the re-enforcing cones. The plates that support the Idler wheel will benefit from the cones that go behind them being added at the same time to in my mind make for a more robust element. Looking over the parts that make up the lower hull, I can see a good level of detail provided and the bogie assemblies will have some movement to them for the modeller wishing to display their masterpiece on an uneven surface. The track links have been provided as separate parts and clip together making the addition to the model an easy option, regardless of the orientation of the wheels. Both I and the instructions advise the track links are glued or cemented together once positioned on the wheels in your desired configuration. 

The upper hull has a nice representation of the diamond tread plate on the track guards in order to provided good detail on all faces of the upper hull - rather than utilising slide moulds, IBG Models has provided separate side panel details and so ensuring that you retain crisp detail rather than it being soft due to the difficulty of removing it from the moulds. The engine deck has been provided with separate access hatch doors, should you wish them to be open and with the presumption that you will be placing an interior to the model. There are some very fine photo etched pieces utilised in these areas - that in my opinion these have been restricted to locations where they will improve detail. Looking at the tools secured on the model, you have a mix of those with moulded clamp details and some with separate clamps. I can foresee some cussing when it comes to securing the jack as the clamp is in three separate pieces. A nice aspect of the model is that the antennae is provided complete and with the option of it being stowed or erected. A nice indication of the quality of the moulding is the detail imparted to the tow cable that is provided as a separate part. 

The turret of the Panzer 2 is quite a small part, however IBG Models has not skimped on the detail provided in this area. The hatches that surround the turret, or should I say view ports consist of four separate elements for the interior portion and additional exterior parts with the option of displaying them in the position you wish. The cannon and machine gun have a good level of detail on the inside and out of the turret. The Commander’s seat structure is provided and the roof access hatch has good exterior and interior detail and can be shown open or closed. 

The limited edition release includes in its mix a machine and cannon barrel from Master Models, with the machine gun being particularly well done, due to what I believe to be a resin vented sleeve through which the barrel fits and the muzzle of the cannon is also provided as a resin piece. Another addition to the limited addition is a five man German Panzer crew from MiniArt, with the correct early floppy beret provided. The uniform has a good natural appearance with creases correctly replicated, hand and facial detail is generally good, but being an early offering from MiniArt some of the open hands look a little over scale. On the plus side there is no obvious moulding issues with the figures with the complete absence of flash, and while there are seam lines they are no more than you would expect to find on a current release. 

IBG Models has provided 3 finishing options for their releases which are the same regardless of which kit you purchase. The finishing options in all cases represent the grey and brown camouflage which is correct for the period, and always used to be as a single coast of Panzer grey. The finishing options are:

Panzer Kampfwagen II Ausf. A2, most likely from the 4th Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht, Poland, September 1939

Panzer Kampfwagen II Ausf. A2, most likely from the 4th Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht, Poland, September 1939

Panzer Kampfwagen II Ausf. A2, most likely from the 5th Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht, Poland, September 1939

A nice touch in the instructions is that the finishing options in the first two cases show the crosses on the sides of the turrets obscured with dirt or engine oil to make it harder for the enemy to use as aiming marks.


These two offerings from IBG Models should both build up into pleasing representations of the Panzer 2. I do like the option of the figures and turned barrels in the limited edition release. I do not know what the price difference is, but usually it makes sense to purchase the model with these parts in if it is the sort of detail you would normally add. Critique wise, I would restrict my comments to a warning about thinking ahead when it comes to adding some aspects of the model to ensure a robust joint. A particular high note for me is a company replicating the use of substances to obscure the crosses on the sides of the turret which is an aspect some modellers may not be aware of.



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