Here we get a closer look at the Pz.Kpfw.7TP 731 (p) - 7TP Tank in German Service from IBG Models in 1/35th scale.


IBG Models has released a 7TP in 1/35th scale with interior. The model arrives in a cardboard tray with a separate card lid. An examination of the parts reveals no obvious moulding issues although some of the finer elements may prove difficult to remove without damage. The interior of this release has a good level of detail in my opinion, and while I cannot speak to the accuracy of what is replicated I like what I see. Something I particularly like about this release is that it is clearly shown and pointed out how to paint the various elements of the interior and decals are provided where required for dials. A full engine and interior plus air vents are provided, and unusually what appears to be the fuel tank sits in the front of the vehicle next to the driver; which I would put down as a severe design fault in the real vehicle. I like that the photo etched elements are not excessive in quantity, but do add to the model where used. The only issue I can see with the interior is that displaying it could be a difficult prospect (and may even be a case of you know it’s there). 

The wheel stations and the wheels themselves are well replicated, with good detail on the exterior face. The bogies on which the road wheels are mounted on are particularly pleasing. The tracks for this offerings are link and length and so a good compromise for those modellers who do not like individual track links, but like the lifelike representation that individual track links offer. The track guards themselves have photo etched support brackets, and while nicely done could prove to be one of those awkward aspects of this release. 

The turret of the model continues to provided detail inside and out, and will be another challenging area of this model. This is due to a lot of detail that needs to be represented in a small space. The receiver that catches the spent shell cases will be one of those areas where you will most likely struggle, as it is mounted via 5 photo etched clamps. The turret has been tackled to make assembly as easy as possible, which is a blessing considering how much needs to be squeezed in. Of particular note in this area is the radio set that sits in the rear of the turret and views into the turret area are aided via a large hatch. The decals and photo etch provided in the model meet my expectations, with the decals having good colour and crisp detail. I was particularly surprised to find a swastika for one of the finishing options, and it has been provided as a multi part decal, to get around the issues of people who find it offensive. 

The model has been released with 4 finishing options and these are:

Pz.Kpfw.7TP 731 (p), Poland September 1939

Pz.Kpfw.7TP 731 (p), Leichte PanzerKompanie Ost, Warsaw, Poland, October 1940

Pz.Kpfw.7TP 731 (p), Polizei-Regiment Mitte, Belarus 1942

Pz.Kpfw.7TP 731 (p) Captured by American Forces, Southern France 1944


This is one of the first IBG Models offerings I have seen, and thus far all of the offerings have been pleasing to see. The interior detail looks impressive, particularly where the turret is concerned, and while there is an amount of very small photo etched elements these will add to the finished result. This particular vehicle being a small tank, the level of detail provided by IBG has the potential to result in an exceptionally pleasing finish. Having seen what IBG Models offers in various scales I have been forced to look closer at what they offer and the properties I have thus far found.



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