Here we take a look at an ICM combination of new and old with the old Berge Panther and a very nice new set of figures.


This offering from ICM merges two of their products together to provide a potentially pleasing scene of troops at rest, which is probably more common than being in action. The model is packaged in the usual fashion of a cardboard tray and lid with an additional card lid depicting the artwork. The model parts have the Berge Panther of old from ICM Models and matched with a new figure set. No issues at this time with the mouldings beyond flow lines and so we are off to a good start.

This release of the Berge Panther is getting long in the tooth, and so is more simplistic than is usual for an ICM release. The hull of this release is a Panther D version due to the machine gun port being along thin slit, rather than the usual doomed shaped version. It is unclear to me at this point on the accuracy of the model due to the simplification in detail that would need to be added by the modeller. The layout is generally correct, and the addition of individual track links is a plus for me. However, the modeller will need to step into after market for the mesh covers on the engine deck and scratch build the retaining clamps for the spare track links. The exhausts are correct for a D version of the Berge Panther. You are also provided with additional armoured plate protecting the area above the tracks and below the side of the vehicle, but this is a one piece moulding that does not attach to the model in an accurate manner. The hatch over the turret ring is accurately represented, as is the lifting arm provided but the detail is simple and the modeller could greatly improve this release should they so desire. ICM has provided 2 finishing options for this release:

Berge Panther, S.Pz,Jager Abt 653, Kursk, Summer 1943

Berge Panther, Panzer Regiment (Hermann Goring), East Prussia, Autumn 1944

The figure set for this release is I believe a new offering and I am pleased to say depicts a very relaxed crew who are in the process of getting themselves into trouble as alcohol is never a good thing used in the field to excess. There is a small amount of flash that will need to be cleaned up, but nothing of real note. Uniform detail is good, with very well done crease detail on the uniform. The crew are all in the process of either drinking or eating. The detail of the actions the crew replicate has been very well done particularly where a knife has been moulded into the hand of one figure and the blade kept short as the missing part is inside a loaf of bread held in the other hand. Hand detail has been well done and the facial detail on this release is arguably the best I have seen in some time, with the crew looking obviously happy. In addition to the crew figures an Alsatian has been provided, which is joined down the centre line and the small amount of flash present may help you hide that seam. What I do like about the dog is the fur texture replicated on it, and this figure set as a whole is one of the finest I have seen from ICM.


Having checked the model against reference material, I am happy to commit myself to saying that the details offered are accurate in so far as what is provided. However, the modeller will need ideally to take that extra step in areas such as the mesh covers on the engine deck. The defensive MG station on the radio operator’s side has been missed completely, and is an aspect that would appear to be present in all cases. So what you have here, is a model that requires a lot of TLC to bring the model up to date. On the plus side, the figure set released with this product is very good, and I hope it is also released independently of this release. The facial detail is exceptional for 1/35th injection moulded figures.



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