A diorama of mine from 2005 originally submitted to Armorama in 2009

Poland 1958 (revisited)

Another of my dioramas retrieved from the archives. Here is the original text that accompanied the photos back in 2009:

"If you have been around for a while you may have seen this diorama before. It’s one I had finished in 2005.

Photos were displayed on the now defunct WW2modelmaker site. Since that site went away I wanted to post them here as a photo feature. I had intended to take new photos and submit them to Armorama for some time and I have finally gotten around to it.

The theme and story is simple: 1958, somewhere in rural Poland. Two bicycling students, stumble across a farmer who has a derelict Panther in his yard that has yet to be salvaged by authorities. There is also a Steyr that had been somewhat ‘civilianized’ after the war and used until finally junked.

The models are Tamiya with the figures and cows from MK-35. 1:35 scale"



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