A review and test of Plus Model Styrene plastic sheets

One of the basic supplies for any modeller is styrene, as sooner or later it will be needed to add or repair some details and this is the best material, as it is the same of which the models are made.

Plus Model offers a good range  of styrene sheets, combining sets of white or black, several thickness and two sizes.  I have had the chance to test the black 0,20mm sheets, and the result has been completely satisfactory and according to what you can expect from an styrene sheet.

The sheets come in two sizes, 190 x 110 mm and 190x220 mm, it is black and slightly matt. Thickness is consistent so as the color. As expected, it is colored plastic and not only the surface painted, so the edges remain black when cut.

It can be cut with a hobby knife or a scribber, although I prefer to use it on thicker sheets because on 0,20mm it is harder to remove the step produced. On the other hand, being so thin makes possible to use also sharp scissors.

As for gluing, it accepts perfectly Revell Contacta and MEK, the latter welding it instantly. It should work fine with any other modelling glue. There is no problem gluing parts between them or to commercial models.

I made also some rivets using my rudimentary punch set of 0,5mm diameter and they resulted fine. Gluing them with Ammo Acrylic Ultraglue worked fine as well.


A useful sheet of styrene which behaves as one can expect from this material. Available in different sizes, thickness and colors, it is always helpful to have them at hand for any project.



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