Fast on the heels of the two vehicle kit releases, AK have released three new offerings. Here we take a look at the photographers from different eras in 1/35th scale.


This offering from AK arrives in a card end opening carton, which provides limited protection as it is easily crushed or distorted. On the front is a depiction of the four figures included, and on the rear is the assembly and painting instructions. The figures offered in the set, feature a WWII German cinematographer and an American photographer - the American would also be suitable for the Korean war. The German is wearing an early war uniform, mainly indicated via the Jack boots and the pockets on the jacket are pleated with a fold over flap which if memory serves are also indicators of early war uniform. The cine-camera has been moulded in two halves and so beyond a possible seam should not create any issues. The lens is a separate piece, which adds good definition. I have found an image on-line showing what I believe this particular camera represents, I unfortunately have not been able to find identification for the camera. I believe the best cameras of the time, were Leica - but that is purely guesswork on my part. The American WWII figure is wearing uniform suitable for the post D-Day setting, he has a pair of gators around the lower boot that comes quite high up the calf, what I believe to be a standard American helmet for the period, and looking at the figure he will be suitable for any combat location, with the exception of cold weather. This camera has many of the features including the flash assembly, but again despite efforts I was unable to identify it. 

We then come to a figure which I believe would be suitable for Vietnam period, and probably into the 80s due to wearing lightweight combat trousers, short sleeved t-shirt, large civilian backpack, baseball cap and is very bearded. The camera depicted is typical for a modern camera, with a separate lens. The last male takes you from the 1980s to the present day. This figure is kneeling, is wearing jeans and a hooded jacket and has a civilian backpack and again a typical modern camera with a separate lens. 

Looking at the figures themselves, moulding quality is good, crease detail and fluidity of movement looks good. The hand detail is pleasing, as is the face detail provided. What I particularly appreciate is the effort put into the facial hair on the Vietnam period figure, and the civilian figure could be depicted bald or with thinning hair depending on your preference.


This is an interesting release from AK that fills a gap in the market, particularly for the more modern figures, and especially the civilian photographer. I do feel that this set would be broken up into different sets and more figures added to the range. Looking over what is provided, I cannot see anything that is obviously missing and I believe any purchaser would be happy with what is provided. 



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