MrBlack Publications released the 2nd book of Painting Guide series. Again a German bust and again by Sang Eon Lee.

After the 1st volume with German Panzer Commander , Sang Eon Lee explains how he painted another 1/10 scale bust from Life Miniatures ; Rommel, The  Desert Fox.

The book is in A4 format with a laminated cover and 68 pages. 

It includes 240 photos ( 200 step by step in numerical sequence) supported in well explained texts including artist's Vallejo color codes.

Second part of the book has charts and chips for equivalents, similar colors,  suggestions for approximate colours, hues and mixes of companies AK-Interactive, Andrea Miniatures, Vallejo Acrylics  , Scale75 , Jo Sonja, Kimera Kolors and Lifecolor.



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